Provision of Safety Officers

Dionergy provides a retained health & safety advisory service to clients, putting the necessary processes in place to ensure compliance with the 2006 Construction Regulations (S.I. 504, 2006).  

At Dionergy, we understand that hiring a health and safety resource is not a viable option for many organisations.  However, having an effective safety management system in place is key to running a successful business.  When Safety Officers become part of construction teams, the risk of accidents & ill health occurring on sites is reduced.  

You may need intermittent, short term or longer-term support; whatever your needs, we shape our service to meet them.  Dionergy advisors assess premises, work activities and identify areas of non-compliance in respect of Occupational Health and Safety Legislation. Their report advises you on best practice and practically guides you to achieve compliance.  The duties fulfilled by the Safety Officer include:

  • Site Inspections
  • Tool-Box Talks (training)
  • R.A.M.S. revision
  • Dealing with the Health & Safety Authority
  • Coordinate with Sub-Contractors

Dionergy Safety Officers are contracted to clients for: 

  • Temporary contracts up to six months, or as the client requires
  • A visit a day a week
  • Site inspections

All Dionergy Safety Officers are qualified to:

  • Implement the safety and health legislation for the relevant construction work;
  • Identify hazards and assess risks on construction sites;
  • Advise contractors on appropriate control measures and systems of work to minimise risk;
  • Effectively communicate the safety and health requirements to managers, supervisors and workers on sites.