Dionergy EL400

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EL 400 Technical Specification

EL400 units are suitable for all of the uses stated in the Overview section and are available to rent or buy. Packages are designed based on loading rates, retention times and other application information from customers. The EL400 model runs on a 2.2KW motor. The use of a variable speed drive control panel provides flexibility, enabling adjustments throughout the year in response to weather and short term challenges that arise. The annual operating costs are low due to the motor size but they are further minimised through the use of the appropriate use of a control panel.

EL400 units are particularly effective for municipal use in supplementary aeration in sites of PE>1000 to PE<5000. They are also ideal for use in the Agri-sector, enabling the development of nutrient management plans designed to meet individual nutrient level and slurry volume management needs.


Our design provides for simple installation. EL400 Units weigh 35kgs and can be handled outside of the tank with a two-man lift. They sit on floats which are secured by wire cables to the side of tanks. Lifting equipment may be required dependent on site geography and tank structures to lift and lower floats into tanks. Units are then lowered into tanks once floats are in place and are positioned in tanks for maximum effect. Installations take from 2 hours to 4 hours.

Electrical Connections

Units are supplied with an electrical control panel, connecting the motor to the main power supply. The panel uses a variable speed drive, controlling aerobic active to optimise customers’ desired outcomes. Dionergy works with customers’ electricians to ensure the correct and safe installation of units.

Health & Safety

Dionergy ensures that all necessary Health & Safety regulations are met for both installations and maintenance. We are insured for both municipal and commercial site work.

Maintenance of Purchased Units

Dionergy will provide face to face training on the maintenance and care of units on the date of installation. There is a 1 year warranty period on products. Annual service contracts are available to customers and include the following:

  • 3 planned maintenance services
  • Unplanned call outs
  • Spare parts and consumables
  • Repairs
  • Replacement products during repair

Maintenance of Rental Units

Dionergy takes full responsibility for the management and maintenance of units. Customers are requested to contact Dionergy immediately in the case of mechanical problems. Customers are asked to ensure that rental units are not tampered with by any party other than Dionergy employees while on site.