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DionErgy was incorporated in June 2014 by its founders, Michael Harnett and Rose Lenihan. Michael and Rose assembled a strong board of directors, all of whom are active in the management of the company as well as in direction setting. DionErgy’s target market spans agricultural slurry producers, the food processing industry and municipal waste water sectors.



DionErgy’s vision is to be a significant specialist player in the food processing industry and municipal waste water sectors. Its strategy is to consolidate its position in the agricultural sector before launching in the food processing industry and eventually in the municipal sector.


Vision in Action – Enabling growth of piggeries

Most immediately, DionErgy’s vision is to enable growth of piggeries around the world. The company’s products reduce nutrients, such as phosphorous, in slurry. The amount of nutrients in slurry determines the size of the area of land over which it must be spread in order to avoid damage from run off. In turn, this determines the size of land banks that commercial piggeries must maintain. The availability of land banks has thus become a critical limitation on the growth of the entire piggery sector. DionErgy will enable growth in the commercial piggeries by removing the allowing piggeries to reduce the nutrients in the slurry they produce and therefore expand proportionately within the constraints of existing land banks.

Market potential

The world’s pig population numbers about 977million pigs (Source: statista.com, 2013). The EU, as the second biggest producer of pig meat after China, has a pig population of 146 million, (Source: Eurostat, 2013). Ireland represents 1% of of EU output with a pig population of 1.55 million (2013).

Ireland’s growth target (2020) includes growth in the number of sows from 50,000 to 200,000. There has been considerable consolidation.


Within the EU, the largest populations are in Germany, Spain, France, Denmark and Netherlands.

Vision with a reservoir of potential

Further out, DionErgy’s vision is to adapt its products and service offering to provide cost effective, flexible and sustainable solutions to the food processing industry and to municipal plants to enable them to achieve environmental compliance whilst reducing their energy consumption significantly. The potential for DionErgy to grow internationally by doing this is enormous. None of the big challenges of the 21st century – managing urbanisation, energy security, food security, and environmental sustainability – can be addressed without reducing the energy costs of water treatment. DionErgy intends to be a leading supplier of waste treatment solutions to food processing and municipal plants, starting in Ireland and using reference sites here to enable sales to organizations with similar plants overseas.

2014 Pig Population Per Country
EU-28 Germany Spain France Denmark Netherlands
148 310 590 28 338 990 26 567 580 13 293 000 12 709 000 12 065 000

Dionergy’s Team

Our management team each have considerable track records in their own disciplines. We are very proud of the management team that we have shaped from combining our skills and experiences together into a very effective working unit.

Michael Harnett

Business Development

Rose Lenihan


R Bowen


Simon O’Keeffe

Strategy &

Peter Roberts