Dionergy has established itself as a health and safety consultancy company. Our objective is to assist businesses, create and manage, comprehensive health and safety system to ensure legislative compliance and a safer workplace.

Our consultancy services provide you with the following:

  1. Coordinate with Clients & P.S.C.S. and explaining their responsibilities as defined in the 2013 Construction Regulations
  2. Be available to the Project Supervisor for any necessary advice/consultation
  3. Coordinate safety meetings with the project supervisor
  4. Compile the safety file with the project supervisor to be given to the P.S.D.P. on project completion.
  5. Review contractor’s safety documentation
  6. Develop and give site safety inductions
  7. Carry out regular site safety inspections
  8. Coordinate project site safety meetings
  9. Investigate accidents, incidents & near misses.